Under 35 and Debt Free


Today is the day I decided to take a personal journey on better managing my finances. I want to be under 35 years old and debt free. Excited and ready! After coming across a couple of personal finance blogs, I was instantly motivated to get back on track. For the past year I have had many challenges and set backs. My condo burned down last November (read story here), I had to send my car to Car Heaven, and the job situation has been a little shaky.

My Starting Point

I am not exactly doing to bad with my debt and expenses. I always try to pay my bills on time to avoid any fees. The biggest portion of my debt comes from STUDENT LOANS. Ugh…Story of my life. I am going to start by getting organized and educating myself on personal finances even further.

Taking a Step

After coming across My Alternate Life, I was inspired to break my debt down, set short-term and long-term financial goals, and figured out how much income I need to generate.

I am not only on a finance journey, but also on a life journey. I have some years before I turn 35. I am actually 26. I have dreams, goals, wishes and reality checks. Like every other 20 something year old, I am working onΒ  a career and life path, while trying to figure out if I am taking the right steps.

Anyways, I am taking a step in the right direction!

What steps are you taking/have taken to become financially secure?

Photo credit: Pinterest